Thursday, February 5, 2009


It's Ur Gurl Rachel Havanna here 2 Update everyone about me and what's been going on as far as modeling/2 career lifestyle.......

Well I have a Yahoo group which I started 2 get fans,friends and any love and support I could by networking through sites I enjoy 2 have a place 2 write,post and talk daily or weekly since it is harder 2 update a website,do shoots and also have a full time career which takes 6 days a week and little sleep...4 those who don't really know "Me" I have modeled and done events/print/web etc. since young teen and it was 4 fun and a hobby I wanted full time. I enjoyed all the work I did here in the net for the past 3 years.I am NOT leaving but for 2009,I am focusing more on print and video and keep mostly ALL new Updates,pix,calendar and more in Yahoo so I can Maintain my modeling work publically at an easier pace while working my full time job and traveling.

So stay tuned and Yahoo groups and my 3 myspace pages are still here and update periodically so new videos and print will be Launching 4 U this 2009 and beyond! Much Love,Rachel (My job about me page /sports massage) (model page) (model page) ( My webpage 4 my career #1) 7 yrs. and licensed...Lmt and ads post each week in print Urban Tulsa .....~Variety of Spice~

Rachel's Hobbies:
shopping,working out (toning and free wieghts),collecting Homies,Pin up pix,traveling,scrap booking,photography,Oh....Playin on myspace lol! Rachel's Fav.

" Smokin Aces", "Salena",ANY Will Smith movie!,Baby Boy,In Too Deep,Belly,White Chicks(Love the Wayens),Bad Boys 1 and 2,Katt Williams-EVERY thing he is in!,Richard Pryor,Redd Foxx,Steve Martin movies.......Scarface,Blow w/J. Depp,Heat,A Long Kiss Goodnight,Crash,Too Fast Too Furious,8 mm,Silence of the Lambs (Only #1),Waist Deep,Set it Off,Coming to America,This Christmas,Brothers,The Wood,All Media and Tyler Perry!,Big Mama's House and more......................

Well I got alot to share and a whole year to get the Grind on just like all of U...Workin,Bring ya sum NEW stuf and livin Lyfe! Check my links and feel free to conatct me for any booking interests.(Model shoots,videos and other related events(car shows etc.) ONLY serious inquiries answered and interview and details/contracts to be a requirement. Thanx in advance and Stay Positive...It's Healthy! :)