Friday, May 22, 2009

Texas Summer Music Confrence 2009

About 2 summers ago I had the honor of being a guest model w/DJ Kd aka Handyman (ATL) in Dallas Texas. I have not attended all the events I want to yet as there are so many including he Core Dj events and the Core models as well network etc.
I am this June and also August going to be a part in the Urban Music events in Texas.Please stay tuned as I post in my myspace and yahoo groups the LINKS and my FEATURE in PRINT mag! I can't wait.Also I was a cover and Mix cd Host for WW34 the worldwide34 CD Mix by KD from Atl.I love the mixes and have my flyers and work also posted in myspace.Here are some links you may follow:

Please let me know your myspace email/url to accept as a New Friend Thank U so Much in advance! ("About Me Fun Page") (Official Model page) (back up model page...shut down 3 times)

Also Join my YAHOO group and see whats new on RACHELHAVANNA.COM "Re Launch 2009!"

~Stay Blessed~
Rachel Havanna